San Francisco Late Night Eats

I find I don’t enjoy being a content-aggregator. I do enjoy answering queries, doing research, and writing up my results. Here’s a list I started making to refute the contention that there are no late-night dining options in San Francisco.

“As a San Francisco native, I often hear this complaint from transplants & wonder what they’re basing their opinion on. Have they not discovered SF restos? Do they define “late night” as 5-6 am? Are they from California? Where are they comparing us to?

“Street food is really my favorite if you know where & when to go, but it’s kinda advanced-level SF-foraging. You gotta be in it for the thrill of the hunt, relationship with your foodmakers, and the foodstuffs itself over ambiance and presentation. I started making this list, but then I got hongray. There’s a lot more, too, but I’m going to eat now and keeping a list like this up-to-date would be more arduous than hunting food trucks…


All Star Donuts – 901 Clement, 399 5th St.
Cafe Mason – 320 Mason at O’Farrell
Carl’s Jr Civic Center
Denny’s – 816 Mission St., 495 Beach St.
DNA Pizza – 371 Eleventh St.
Happy Donuts/Louisiana Fried Chicken – 761 Third St at Townsend
IHOP – 2299 Lombard St., 200 Beach St.
Lori’s Diner – 336 Mason at Geary
Lucky Penny
Orphan Andy’s
Pinecrest Diner – 401 Geary at Mason
Safeway Church & Market
Subway – 2001 Van Ness Ave., 1500 Fillmore St.

Late Night

15 Romolo – 15 Romolo Pl. & Broadway – until 2am daily.
The Alembic – 1725 Haight St. & Cole – until 2am daily.
Amelie – 1754 Polk St. & Washington – until 2am daily.
Bite – 912 Sutter St & Leavenworth – until 1:30am daily.
Beretta – - 1199 Valencia St. & 23rd St. – until 1am daily.
The Brazen Head – 3166 Buchanan & Greenwich – until 1am daily.
The Bubble Lounge – 714 Montgomery St. & Washington – until Midnight – 2am Tues-Sat.
Buster’s – 366 Columbus Ave. & Grant – until 3am daily.
Cafe Chanta – 587 Post St. & Mason – until 2am daily.
Chambers – 601 Eddy St. & Larkin – until 2am daily.
Crepes A Go-Go – 350 11th St. & Folsom – until 2am Wed-Sun.
District – 216 Townsend St. & Third – until 1-2am daily.
El Farolito – 2779 Mission St & 24th – until 3-4am daily.
The Fillmore – 1805 Geary Blvd. – until 2am daily.
Fly Bar – 762 Divisidero St. & Fulton – until 2am daily.
Gestalt Haus – 3159 16th St. & Guerrero – until 2am daily.
Grubstake – 1525 Pine St. & Polk – until 4am daily.
Harry’s Bar – 2020 Fillmore St. & Pine – until Midnight – 2am daily.
Kate O’Brien’s – 579 Howard St. & James Lick Fwy. – until 2am daily.
Mel’s Drive-In – 2165 Lombard St. & Fillmore – until 1-6am daily.
Naan ‘n’ Curry – 336 O’Farrell & Mason – until 4am daily.
Nizario’s Pizza – 4077 18th St. & Castro – until 2am daily.
The Pig & Whistle – 2801 Geary Blvd. & Collins – until 2am daily.
Pisco Latin Lounge – 1817 Market St. & Octavia – until Midnight – 1am daily.
Pizza Zone & Grill – 178 Valencia & Duboce – until 3am daily.
Ryoko’s Japanese- 619 Taylor St. & Post – until 2am daily.
Sam Wo – 813 Washington St. & Grant – until 3am Mon-Sat.
Seasons – 757 Market St. & Third St. – until Midnight daily.
Specs’ Twelve Adler – 12 William Saroyan Pl. & Kearny – until 2am daily.
Taqueria Cancún – 2288 Mission & 19th St – until 1-2am daily.
Thai Thai Noodle – 1400 California St. & Hyde – until 1-2:30am daily.
Top of the Mark – 1 Nob Hill & Mason – until Midnight – 1am Mon-Sat.
Toyose Korean – 3814 Noriega St. & 45th Ave. – until 2am daily.
YamaSho – 1161 Post St. & Polk – until 2am daily.”

“Being a pedantic, easily confused, contrary, nocturnal glutton = rocking? 0_o
Yay! I like this crowd.

“It’s a California thing, not a San Francisco thing. The 2 am Statewide alcohol curfew puts a big hamper on restauranteurs’ ability to make a profit in the 2 am – breakfast hours. It’s really hard to keep a nice ambience and good food 24-hours in California, because there’s not much mark-up on quality, fresh food, especially these days (with food production and transport costs having increased dramatically the past few years) and once living-wage-labor/cost-of-living-in-geographic-area is factored in. Food goes bad and requires a lot of prep, timing, and proper handling. Alcohol is much more forgiving and especially fuels nighttime profits when coffee beverage sales slow way down. It’s like movie theatres. Tickets pay for the movie. Concessions fund the theatre.

“San Francisco actually has one of the highest restaurants per capita rates in the world with a lot of locally-produced ingredients and diversity in cuisine. Also, we’re snobs and somewhat fanatical about our civic pride. Diss us at your own risk! @_@

“If you don’t believe me, check out late-night dining in Los Angeles and Sacramento and *then* complain about SF. Mmm-hmmm… >_>”

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