Site Overhaul Forthcoming

Wow. It seems I really never finished this website and haven’t significantly updated it in going-on 3 years.

It is well overdue and quite outdated. Everything seems so… smug and insecure. Meh.

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Is He Going to Be A Superstar?

‎”He’s a minimum, inexpensive asset. You need to look at him as a developing asset.
Is he going to be a superstar? No.”

–Golden State Warriors Owner, Joe Lacob, on Jeremy Lin
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area Interview
January 20, 2011

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Amerikkkan people ask, “Why do you have so many names?”

Asian, Hispanic, and Indigenous people ask, “What are your other names?”

Lurve it!

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San Francisco Late Night Eats

I find I don’t enjoy being a content-aggregator. I do enjoy answering queries, doing research, and writing up my results. Here’s a list I started making to refute the contention that there are no late-night dining options in San Francisco.

“As a San Francisco native, I often hear this complaint from transplants & wonder what they’re basing their opinion on. Have they not discovered SF restos? Do they define “late night” as 5-6 am? Are they from California? Where are they comparing us to?

“Street food is really my favorite if you know where & when to go, but it’s kinda advanced-level SF-foraging. You gotta be in it for the thrill of the hunt, relationship with your foodmakers, and the foodstuffs itself over ambiance and presentation. I started making this list, but then I got hongray. There’s a lot more, too, but I’m going to eat now and keeping a list like this up-to-date would be more arduous than hunting food trucks…


All Star Donuts – 901 Clement, 399 5th St.
Cafe Mason – 320 Mason at O’Farrell
Carl’s Jr Civic Center
Denny’s – 816 Mission St., 495 Beach St.
DNA Pizza – 371 Eleventh St.
Happy Donuts/Louisiana Fried Chicken – 761 Third St at Townsend
IHOP – 2299 Lombard St., 200 Beach St.
Lori’s Diner – 336 Mason at Geary
Lucky Penny
Orphan Andy’s
Pinecrest Diner – 401 Geary at Mason
Safeway Church & Market
Subway – 2001 Van Ness Ave., 1500 Fillmore St.

Late Night

15 Romolo – 15 Romolo Pl. & Broadway – until 2am daily.
The Alembic – 1725 Haight St. & Cole – until 2am daily.
Amelie – 1754 Polk St. & Washington – until 2am daily.
Bite – 912 Sutter St & Leavenworth – until 1:30am daily.
Beretta – - 1199 Valencia St. & 23rd St. – until 1am daily.
The Brazen Head – 3166 Buchanan & Greenwich – until 1am daily.
The Bubble Lounge – 714 Montgomery St. & Washington – until Midnight – 2am Tues-Sat.
Buster’s – 366 Columbus Ave. & Grant – until 3am daily.
Cafe Chanta – 587 Post St. & Mason – until 2am daily.
Chambers – 601 Eddy St. & Larkin – until 2am daily.
Crepes A Go-Go – 350 11th St. & Folsom – until 2am Wed-Sun.
District – 216 Townsend St. & Third – until 1-2am daily.
El Farolito – 2779 Mission St & 24th – until 3-4am daily.
The Fillmore – 1805 Geary Blvd. – until 2am daily.
Fly Bar – 762 Divisidero St. & Fulton – until 2am daily.
Gestalt Haus – 3159 16th St. & Guerrero – until 2am daily.
Grubstake – 1525 Pine St. & Polk – until 4am daily.
Harry’s Bar – 2020 Fillmore St. & Pine – until Midnight – 2am daily.
Kate O’Brien’s – 579 Howard St. & James Lick Fwy. – until 2am daily.
Mel’s Drive-In – 2165 Lombard St. & Fillmore – until 1-6am daily.
Naan ‘n’ Curry – 336 O’Farrell & Mason – until 4am daily.
Nizario’s Pizza – 4077 18th St. & Castro – until 2am daily.
The Pig & Whistle – 2801 Geary Blvd. & Collins – until 2am daily.
Pisco Latin Lounge – 1817 Market St. & Octavia – until Midnight – 1am daily.
Pizza Zone & Grill – 178 Valencia & Duboce – until 3am daily.
Ryoko’s Japanese- 619 Taylor St. & Post – until 2am daily.
Sam Wo – 813 Washington St. & Grant – until 3am Mon-Sat.
Seasons – 757 Market St. & Third St. – until Midnight daily.
Specs’ Twelve Adler – 12 William Saroyan Pl. & Kearny – until 2am daily.
Taqueria Cancún – 2288 Mission & 19th St – until 1-2am daily.
Thai Thai Noodle – 1400 California St. & Hyde – until 1-2:30am daily.
Top of the Mark – 1 Nob Hill & Mason – until Midnight – 1am Mon-Sat.
Toyose Korean – 3814 Noriega St. & 45th Ave. – until 2am daily.
YamaSho – 1161 Post St. & Polk – until 2am daily.”

“Being a pedantic, easily confused, contrary, nocturnal glutton = rocking? 0_o
Yay! I like this crowd.

“It’s a California thing, not a San Francisco thing. The 2 am Statewide alcohol curfew puts a big hamper on restauranteurs’ ability to make a profit in the 2 am – breakfast hours. It’s really hard to keep a nice ambience and good food 24-hours in California, because there’s not much mark-up on quality, fresh food, especially these days (with food production and transport costs having increased dramatically the past few years) and once living-wage-labor/cost-of-living-in-geographic-area is factored in. Food goes bad and requires a lot of prep, timing, and proper handling. Alcohol is much more forgiving and especially fuels nighttime profits when coffee beverage sales slow way down. It’s like movie theatres. Tickets pay for the movie. Concessions fund the theatre.

“San Francisco actually has one of the highest restaurants per capita rates in the world with a lot of locally-produced ingredients and diversity in cuisine. Also, we’re snobs and somewhat fanatical about our civic pride. Diss us at your own risk! @_@

“If you don’t believe me, check out late-night dining in Los Angeles and Sacramento and *then* complain about SF. Mmm-hmmm… >_>”

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Complimentary Diversions 1: ‘The Matrix’ two ways & Atsuko Kudo

Things to read, gawk at, watch, or listen to …later. An an info-junkie with poor time-management skills, I’m great at *finding* things to divert my attention and gadawful at stopping myself. My bookmarks and open tabs have gotten ridiculous, so rather than further clutter my machine, I’m posting them here. If you enjoy any of these links (or they break) do comment below, please. I’d like to hear your opinions. I made the links open a new window, but sometimes I find pop-out windows annoying. How do you feel about them?

“Maya and the Matrix: Cracking the code from the language of yoga.” A holiday gift from yoga instructor, dancer, burlesque performer, spiritual guide, healer, and international traveler, Michele Baker of Swan River Yoga in New Orleans. Michele analyzes “The Matrix” movies from the perspective of a modern yogini. She writes, “I am primarily versed in Yogic (be it Classical Yoga, Advaita Vedanta or Tantric), Tibetan Buddhist, Mayan (as in pre-Spain Mexico on the Yucatan) and a touch of Tree of Life philosophy.” An awesome and enlightening read:

“The Mystery of Larry Wachowski –” An analysis of the BDSM submissive inclinations and male-to-female gender transitioning of one of the co-screenwriters and directors of “The Matrix” movie trilogy:

Interview with latex designer, Atsuko Kudo, on Vimeo. My absolute favorite latex clothing and accessories designer. Her lace print and framed transparent stained glass pieces are fantastic. She designed and produced Lady Gaga’s red latex ballgown for a performance for the Queen of England:

I can schedule these to be published in smaller chunks. I think Saturday mornings might be good, like funnies. Nobody needs regular distractions of fluffiness delivered on Monday mornings, really. Bad influence and all that. Tut-tut.

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Being Solitary

“Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your won presence rather than of the absence of others. Because solitude is an achievement.”

~ Alice Koller

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Refractory Period

It takes me longer than I think it will to get over both being in the line of fire and having loaded guns pointed in my face at short range.

I grew up with an NRA dad who was a meticulous firearm-maintainer and home-reloader, but we never pointed our weapons at anything with a pulse. We were taught as children, “living things.” Now I know gun safety people were excluding plants, fungi, microorganisms, symbiotic life-forms… so I changed it in my head to, “with a pulse.” That would more accurately be, “with a pulse that is palpably discernible by me,” but geez. What kinda hippie freak are you?

Therefore, while I was exposed to handguns, long guns, ammunition, shooting ranges, and the like, of all sorts since elementary-school age, I never had firearms –let alone loaded ones– pointed at me until I was an adult. It still makes me very uncomfortable. Don’t even point, point, point that thing at me. Thank you.

Very strange events on Sunday. I don’t feel comfortable writing about them online, but I am dazed nonetheless. I should be composing important documents of great length and complexity, but I just want to hide and drink tea with my cat. Meow. =^.^=

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“Forgiveness is not something that we give to others…”

“…it is a gift we give to ourselves.”

–Tomasito Birco
father of San Francisco Police Officer Nick-Tomasito Birco, regarding the robber who killed his son.

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Love is More Than Words and Feelings

It’s action.

Put your love where your mouth is.

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Inbox Overload Detox

On my quest to reprogram as a non-guilt-driven person, I scoff at the information overload and make this my Inbox Overload motto: you do not have to respond.

From Section II, Chapter 2, page 37 of self-help blogging success story, Leo Babauta’s book, “focus: a simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction,”

You Don’t Need to Respond

    “We have developed a fairly urgent need to respond to many things: emails, Tweets & other social network status updates, instant messages, phone calls, text messages, blog posts, blog comments, forum posts, and more. This need to respond gives us anxiety until we’ve responded, but unfortunately, there is a never-ending stream of things that require your response.

    “If we allow these messages to force us to respond, almost as soon as they come, then we become driven by the need to respond. Our day becomes responsive rather than driven by conscious choices. We flit from one task to another, one response to another, living a life driven by the needs of others, instead of what we need, what we feel is important.

    “You don’t need to respond.”

    You can download the free version of Leo’s book here:

    He also offers a “Premium” version with videos and exercises on his website:

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